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Whatever aspect of your life you are looking to protect, MetLife Alico has a product that is right for you. Here's a summary of the types of insurance products we offer.  Simply select the category you are interested in and discover our range of products.



Life insurance

Not only can life insurance take care of your family's mortgage and help them maintain their current standard of living in the event of the death of you or your partner, it can also safeguard more specific aspects of life. From protecting your children's education to looking after your partner's retirement, we've got a life insurance product that will help you take care of what's most important to you.

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Our selection of savings products mean that you can take steps towards the lifestyle you really want today, as well as plan for the future you really want tomorrow.

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Retirement planning

Taking care of your finances now means that your retirement years could be the best years of your life. Have a look at the products we offer to help you build the future you’ve always wanted.

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Health insurance

Taking out health protection for you and your family also means you’re protecting your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, and your family’s future. So we have a range of health insurance packages to ensure you get the cover that suits you.

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Accident insurance

Our accident insurance products give you one less thing to worry about, should the unthinkable happen. There are various options you can choose from to get the ideal level of cover for you and your family.

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