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Accidental Medical Expense Reimbursement

A simple yet effective group health insurance covering the medical care of employees and common interest groups in case of an accident.

We know you care about the wellbeing of your people, especially if one of them were to get injured on or off the job. The simplest way around cases like these is to limit the financial impact of an accident. This is how together we can help employees recover with the peace of mind that their medical expenses are being taken care of:  

  • Reimbursement solutions: Covering a wide range of expenses such as treatment by a physician, use of hospital facilities and the employment of a licensed or graduate nurse while at the hospital   
  • 24-hour coverage: All year round with no territorial restrictions
  • Customizable plans: We can help you design protection based on your precise business needs from benefits, hazards to coverage required


It's important you understand what we offer at MetLife. We've pulled together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you.