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Each one of us has a unique life story. This is why we’ve designed different ways to help you get through challenges.

Life Insurance

  • Empowering you to fulfil temporary or long-term goals
  • An easier and simpler way to save for the future
  • Life cover up to US $10 million to protect your lifestyle

Savings & Investment

  • Life cover included to give you full protection
  • Premium set by you
  • Bonuses included to help you achieve your goals faster

Accident Insurance

  • Peace of mind with financial protection against accidents
  • Prompt medical reimbursements that don’t keep you waiting
  • Guaranteed monthly incomes and cash payments

Health Insurance

  • Plans designed to meet your special health needs
  • Cash support the moment you need it
  • Includes expenses not covered by medical insurance

Loans & Credits

  • Plans that match perfectly with your loans
  • Instant support with what you need
  • Rates that make life easier 

Useful Tools

Find the Support Tools you need