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Premium payment

For your safety and not to expose you to outdoor presence, we are glad to respond to your inquiries on our channels below:

For Individual & Employee Benefit inquiries:
Tel: +962 6 5930912
For queries & explanation:
For feedback:
For Collection queries: 
For Claim submission/queries:

How Can I pay my premium?   

For safety measures and to limit direct and face to face interaction, for your convenience we are providing the following channel for collections:

1. Depositing premiums in any of our bank accounts*, Send Proof of deposit.
2. Bank /wire transfer On any of our bank accounts*, Send Proof of deposit.

*Proof of Transfer/Deposit

Once the transfer/Deposit is complete , please send us a copy of the transfer slip to

The transfer slip will allow us to allocate the premium payment to your policy(ies). Without the slip, the transferred amount will remain pending.

Note: Please make sure to mention your policy number on the Slip