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Financial security for your family

"Hello, my name is Maha. I'm married to Jamil and we have two young children. We've been living in Beirut all our lives, and we love it. We're doing fine financially, but a little extra is always nice, that’s why, when our youngest starts school next year, I'm planning on going back to work part-time as an anaesthetist.Over the years, my job has meant that I've been personally involved in cases where, tragically, one or both parents in a family have died. Because I've seen first-hand how devastating this is, and the difference it can make to have financial help in place at such a difficult time, Jamil and I have decided to take out protection should anything happen to us. We've actually been meaning to review our financial situation for a while but we are unsure about how much cover we need to provide for the girls, cover the mortgage and all the other bills if either or both of us weren't around."