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Future Gold

An attractive savings plan that can be tailored to secure the future you envision for yourself and your family.

No one can tell what the future holds, but you can still ensure that the plans you have for your family do work out – even if you are no longer around when that day arrives. Future Gold allows you overcome the uncertainty of tomorrow with a protection element that will shield your loved ones against unexpected financial difficulties. Whether you’re thinking about your children or your own retirement, we can help you start realizing what’s important for tomorrow today:         

  • A customizable plan: It’s up to you how much you invest – and if your circumstances change, you can modify your investment strategy at any time you want
  • A wide range of investment strategies: that perfectly suit your financial objectives
  • No limitations: You can make regular contributions towards your investment on a monthly, quarterly or semiannual or annual basis
  • Flexible premiums: If your circumstances change, you can decrease or increase your contributions
  • Cash withdrawals: You can make partial withdrawals at any time you want   


It's important you understand what we offer at MetLife. We've pulled together some frequently asked questions and answers to help you.