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Providing for your family and business

"Hello, I'm Ramy. Over the last 15 years, I've pretty much dedicated my life to building up my business. Two years ago, I took out a loan for US $500,000 to install some new equipment which has really increased production, so business is better than ever.I didn't think anything could go wrong, but when my neighbour sadly died suddenly last month, it really got me thinking. If anything should happen to me unexpectedly, what would happen to the business I've worked so hard for, and more importantly, what would happen to my family? I'm training my nephew to take over when I retire, but if business should suddenly drop, he'll be saddled with paying back a loan that's unaffordable. It could even end up with parts of the business being repossessed! And then what would all the people who depend on me do? It's time for me to look at insurance options to protect my family and my employees."